Arguments for God’s existence, the purpose of life, what it means to be a Christian, doctrines of Catholicism, the Bible and useful study guides, classical spiritual literature.

“If you look for the truth, you may find comfort in the end: if you look for comfort you will not get either comfort or truth-only soft soap and wishful thinking to begin with and, in the end, despair” – CS Lewis, Mere Christianity

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What Makes us Catholic – Thomas Groome

The author is head of religious education department at Boston College. written for anyone including the faithful, the fallen away, non-Catholic, and critics that wonder what it means to be a Catholic.

The Purpose Driven Life – Rick Warren *

NY Times best seller by the renowned pastor of Saddleback Church. A 40-day reading format on why you were created and God’s magnificent plan for you, both here on earth and for eternity.

Eucharistic Miracles – Joan Carroll Cruz

A compilation of numerous substantiated Eucharistic miracles that occurred over the centuries.

Why to Catholics do That ? - Kevin Johnson

A blend of religious history, art, and study of Tradition to explain the rituals and symbols of the Catholic faith.

Why Be Catholic- Rohr / Martos

An easy read on the unique history, traditions and beliefs of the Catholic Christian faith. This book examines the rich heritage of Roman Catholicism in contrast with what it means to be Catholic today in a world of competing beliefs.

The New World of Faith – Cardinal Avery Dulles *

America’s first theologian to be named a Cardinal was a professor at Fordham University. A comprehensive and straightforward teaching of the Catholic Faith, written for believers. It explores the world’s challenges of the Church and its beliefs.

Short History of the Mass – Alfred McBride

A good introductory study of the history and the meaning of the elements of the Mass.

Introduction to the New Testament for Catholics - J.F.Kelly

A good introductory study of the history and the meaning of the elements of the Mass.

The Great Themes of Scripture-Old Testament, Rohr / Martos

A great overview and introduction to the books of the Old Testament. This is a good beginning book and a must read for those interested in learning about the Bible. Focusing on overall religious themes and using simple language, this book explains the patterns of relationship between God and his people, and will wet your appetite to read and study the Bible.

The Great Themes of Scripture-New Testament, Rohr / Martos

The New Testament follow-up in the two volume set of Great Themes. This book continues the journey by revealing the New Testament as the completion and and culmination of the Old Testament. An easy read that will inspire your study of scripture.

Short History of Christianity – Stephen Tomkins *

An abridged presentation of the world history of Christianity

What Paul Meant – Garry Wills *

A wonderful, non-doctrinal, account of the writings of Paul and his significant role in the early development of Christianity.

What Jesus Meant - Garry Wills *

A wonderful book. A non-doctrinal thought provoking read on the heart and radical message of Jesus

What the Gospels Meant – Garry Wills

Wills presents his interpretation of each of the Gospel author’s books on Christ’s message.

John’s Story – Tim LaHaye

A fictional, though fact based, portrayal of the life of the beloved disciple and his writings.

Concise History of the Catholic Church-Thomas Bokenkotter

Concise for 2000 years of history, this is an easily read big book. The author covers the Catholic Faith from the birth of Christ to the election of Pope Benedict XVI. Bokenkotter describes the struggles, stumbles, and glories that have characterizes this indomitable institution.

The Epistles of St. Paul *

The earliest writings of New Testament, Paul was a genius and a Pharisee transformed by the revelation of the Risen Christ. His writings help form the foundation for the Faith. Scholars may disagree on Pauline authorship for some of the Epistles. We strongly recommend the use of a Biblical study guide or online resource to help explain both text and application.

• 1Thessalonians
• Galatians
• Philemon
• Philippians
• 1 Corinthians
• 2 Corinthians
• Romans
• 2 Thessalonians
• Colossians
• Ephesians
• 1 Timothy
• 2 Timothy
• Hebrews

Books of the New Testament *

The accounts of the fulfillment of the prophesies of the Messiah, the incarnation, the life, crucifixion and resurrection. The lives of apostles and the early Church, and promise of his second coming. Again it is recommended that the reader consult a study guide to assist understanding and application of the Scriptures.

• Matthew
• Mark
• Luke
• John
• Acts of the Apostles
• Titus

• James
• 1 Peter
• 2 Peter
• 1 John
• 2 John
• 3 John
• Jude
• Revelation

St. Francis of Assisi – G.K. Chesterton *

Perhaps the best written account on one of the Church’s most treasured saints and mystics, written by one of the world’s most accomplished writers.

Thomas Aquinas – G. K. Chesterton

The author brilliantly presents and educates us about Aquinas and his Summa in a manner that most will be able to understand and be awestruck.

Everlasting Man – G.K. Chesterton *

An extraordinarily written presentation that leads the reader to see God and Christianity from the outside, so we can know and believe it from the inside. Another of his classics.

Orthodoxy – G.K. Chesterton

The author explores the essentials of Christian faith and of his personal journey that brought him to the Church.

The Confessions – St. Augustine (Chadwick translation) *

Any serious adult student of life and its meaning must read this book several times. St. Augustine is the saintly timeless model of the Prodigal Son, a giant intellect, a transformed sinner. A MUST read.

Shorter Summa Theologea – St. Thomas Aquinas

Shorter than the full Summa, but still a formidable undertaking. Aquinas is considered the intellect of Catholicism and his work defends the philosophy and theology that is the foundation for the Faith.

Mere Christianity – C.S. Lewis *

An epic book that answers the atheist and agnostic doubts. A tour de force on Christianity and why it matters so much. All pilgrims MUST read this several times before they die.

The Screwtape Letters – CS Lewis

An endlessly clever book wherein the devil and his minions correspond with each other regarding their efforts to lead man to its ruination. It is a great tool to reveal the fact that we are in a battle for our salvation.

Theology & Sanity – Frank J. Sheed *

A wonderfully written, easy to read, book explaining the sophisticated truth of God’s existence, the incarnation, our Catholic Faith and the important role of the laity in the Church. Particularly impactful for the “lukewarm” Catholic.

Humanae Vitae – Pope Paul VI

Prescient encyclical warning of the consequences of society’s contemporary mores regarding sanctity of life.

Catechism of the Catholic Church

The reference source for the doctrines of teaching of the Church.

Coming Back to God-Patrick Morley

A book, written by a layperson, that provides reasons for faith an explanations that overcome barriers to God.