A mix of fiction and non-fiction books witnessing to our faith in the lives of people. How to put faith in your life, gain greater awareness of Christ in your midst, joy despite chaos, and the war for our souls.

"Lay people in particular need, with the spirited encouragement of the clergy, to get on with their lives of being faithful Catholics in the family, in the workplace, in business, in the arts, in the sciences, and wherever God is calling them to be faithful." – Catholic Matters, Fr. Richard John Neuhaus

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Education for Life – Thomas Groome *

An exploration of the Catholic Christian pedagogy of commitment to provide quality education for its own sake, as a work of salvation in and of itself. A spiritual vision of education that is humanizing, a curriculum that educates for life for all.

Excellent Catholic Parishes – Paul Wilkes

A review and guide to several dozens of diverse parishes across the country that represent excellence in parish vitality and spirituality.

Left to Tell – Immaculee Llibgiza *

An amazing account of a Catholic woman’s 91 day ordeal of survival of the genocide in 1994 Rwanda. This is an inspiring testimony of forgiveness and faith as the only means to make sense of humankind’s depravity and suffering.

90 Minutes in Heaven – Don Piper

Written by a Protestant pastor who comes back to life after a deadly car accident. His account reminds us that miracles do happen, prayers work and Heaven exists.

Glimpses of Heaven-Trudy Harris RN

Intimate insights into the peace, love and acceptance from God as experienced by those approaching death. Written by a Catholic nurse of 30 years and retired president of Hospice Foundation for Caring.

Have a little Faith – Mitch Albom

A true story by the author of Tuesdays with Morrie. A delightful book about the author’s return to his faith via the life stories of two very different men of faith and what that is all about.

Half Time – Bob Buford *

An excellent book for people who sense the second halves of their lives can be purposeful and better than the first half. Christian guidance for those seeking a life of mere success to true significance.

Fields of Gold – Andrew Stanley

A primer on stewardship, generous giving and trusting the Lord to provide for us.

Ten Books that Screwed Up the World – Benjamin Wiker

The author exposes the flawed or evil philosophies of ten infamous figures in history. The book offers insights on how we can avoid the pitfalls of some of the worst ideas in human history.

The Idiots Guide to World Religions – Fr. Louis Buckles

A relatively simple overview of the world’s religions, their customs, and beliefs.

Shaken by Scandals – Paul Thigpen

Compassionately written assessment in 2002 of the abuse scandals within the Catholic Church.

Golfing with God – Roland Merullo

Light fiction, a story of self examination and growth, struggles with pride, with a theme of golf with God in Heaven.

The Shack – William Paul Young *

A very popular best seller about a man who is angry with God because of his terrible suffering. It uses very unconventional roles to explain the Trinity, love, God’s presence, and redemption and forgiveness.

Beyond the Walls – Paul Wilkes *

A MUST read for people on the journey of Faith. An account of a pilgrim’s path that takes him via a year of monthly weekend visits to Mepkin Monastery and his challenge to apply the learned monastic spirituality to his normal life.

The Power and Glory – Graham Green

Wonderfully told story of a debased priest and outlawed Christianity in Mexico in the early 20th century. It is a classic writer, a story of sinful behavior and sacramental function. A whiskey priest on the run for his life but finds his salvation and glory in his gift of consecrating the Eucharist.

He Leadeth Me – Father Walter Cizcek *

A MUST read book and true story of a priest’s heroic battle as a prisoner in communist prisons. His message is of faith, hope and trust in God even in our darkest hour. To bloom where we are planted.

In Due Season - Paul Wilkes

A 21st century version of Confessions, written by a contemporary Prodigal Son. An inspirational well written memoir of a fallen brother on the journey who never stops his search for transformation.

Another Sort of Learning – James V. Schall, S. J.

A professor of political philosophy at Georgetown University writes an extremely erudite book on real education, books that must be read, and the deep and great questions of life.

The Life of the Mind – James V. Schall , S.J. *

Delight in knowing “what is”. A guide on how to cultivate the mind, read only the best books, and through our intellect, learn that what is not of ourselves reveals the light of Truth. Simply fantastic, MUST reading for the mind.

The Devil’s Delusion – David Berlinski

Written by a secular Jew, with a Ph.D. from Princeton the author defends religious thought from the arrogant claims of science alone as the single system of beliefs.

How the Reformation Happened – Hillaire Belloc *

Classic literature by the Catholic historian. Belloc presents the surprising political and economic forces behind the Reformation. Very insightful and a rich read.

The Power of Kabbalah – Yehuda Berg

Pre-Judaism mysticism meant to explain the answers to our existence.